TORQUAY MUSEUM has a collection of Torquay pottery which includes many of the local factories such as Watcombe, Aller Vale and Longpark,   In addition to this the museum holds photographic archives relating to some of these potteries.

The website of the Torquay Pottery Collectors Society:-

The website of the North American Torquay Society:-

Honiton Pottery Collectors Society, for Crown Dorset Pottery

PAW pottery from Czechoslovakia has many designs similar to those of Torquay Pottery

The English Ceramic Circle (ECC for short) is the oldest society dedicated to the study of British ceramics and enamels. We are pleased to be acknowledged on their website.

Brown Jugs an interesting site relating to saltglaze pottery, some of which was made, but rarely found, at Aller Vale but also includes many shapes such as Puzzle Jugs and Face Jugs.

These links to Facebook Groups may be of interest to keen collectors.

Torquay Pottery Collectors Society Group:

Dartmouth Pottery Study Group:

Honiton Pottery Collectors Society: