One of the interesting aspects of collecting is the experience needed to identify unmarked pieces, this is far from an exact art, but the items on this page are not what is regarded as Torquay Pottery amongst collectors. I must stress that these are not fakes, just pottery in the same style and patterns. I have only seen one attempt at deliberate fakery, a pot with a painted ‘Longpark’ on the base which readily succumbed to paint-stripper!

Some are clearly influenced by Torquay items and, indeed, are collected in their own right. See photos below. Please let me know of inaccuracies in this page or of other pots that are easy to mistake.

The pottery made by former Torquay employees, namely Ron Jackson and Cyril Wilson, are included for completeness only, they could well be considered as ‘Torquay Pots’.

SCORES POTTERY, by G Jones a  modern Barnstaple potter. The script used for the mottoes is very distinctive, as also the glaze and the cottage.

Score's cottageware on cream-coloured clay, his standard style Score's Sticker

SALOPIAN POTTERY, based in Shropshire. Some of their wares are similar to Aller Vale Persian pattern. They differ in the colours used and, perhaps most significantly, the weight of the pots, they are much lighter than an Aller Vale piece would be. The pot featured below was recently acquired by a well-known collector, you know who you are! See for some more info.

Salopian Pottery Queen Victoria Commemorative, resembles Aller Vale, but much lighter weight Salopian Pottery Queen Victoria Commemorative, resembles Aller Vale, but much lighter weight Salopian Pottery Base
Salopian Pottery Base Mark Salopian Pottery Mark Salopian Pottery Persian pattern, as used by Aller Vale

PAW POTTERY, see link to website. Again these are very similar to Aller Vale and Crown Dorset, indeed more so than Salopian. Again the colour palette differs and it helps that they are frequently marked PAW! Please see link to their

P A Wranitsky Ladybird pattern, also used by Aller Vale and Watcombe P A Wranitsky Base Mark

WARDLE POTTERY, most often seen decorated in the Aller Vale Persian, A1, pattern.

Wardle Vase in persian pattern, as used by Aller Vale Wardle Mark

DUNMORE POTTERY, based in Scotland. Could be mistaken for those Aller Vale pots with flown glazes. They also produced a grotesque Frog model, and much more. To be amended.

CARRIG WARE, made by the Carrigaline Pottery, founded in Cork in 1923, search the internet for more info. Can be mistaken for Aller Vale Shamrock patterned items, which usually use a darker green.

Carrig Ware Cauldron Carrig Ware Cauldron Base
Carrig Ware Cauldron Motto Comaprison of Longpark, Aller Vale & Carrig Shamrocks

GOUDA POTTERY, from the Netherlands. See for a huge display of pottery but I guess that the Scandy possibly does not appear on this site.

Gouda Pottery Scandy pattern Gouda Base

POWELL’S OF BUCKLEY produced pots easily confused with some mottowares.

Powells of Buckley Puzzle Jug Powells of Buckley Puzzle Jug

See Welsh Heritage on

WILLOW ART POTTERY, Stoke on Trent. Produced marked ware decorated with the Scandy pattern.

Willow Art Pottery Willow Art Pottery Plate Willow Art Pottery Plate Base

MADE IN JAPAN  pictures of pots decorated with the Cottage pattern, which is moulded using a pale cream clay, one of which is marked.

Moulded Jug Moulded Jug Base Mould-line showing on side of jug
Moulded Jug Moulded Bowl Moulded Bowl Base
Condiment set base Condiment Set

R SUDLOW of Burslem, produced pottery, often Teapots, decorated with a Seagull, very similar to production from several of the Torquay potteries. It has a darker blue ground, and the seagulls are distinctive.

 R Sudlow of Burslem Vase R Sudlow of Burslem Teapot R Sudlow of Burslem Teapot Base

SCENT Bottles made of a creamy white body and decorated with classic Torquay symbols. These were made I know not where, (You may, please let me know) but were used by Lowndes Pateman the Torquay Scent producers after local production dried up.

Scent bottle used by Lowndes Pateman, not made locally. Note white clay body

TROYAN Pottery from Bulgaria, these terracotta pieces, usually with green or blue backgrounds with a rippled pattern are often seen. 

Bulgarian Troyan ware Bulgarian Troyan Ware
Bulgarian Troyan Ware Maltese?

CYRIL WILSON was a potter who worked for the Watcombe pottery for many years, then later worked at the potteries at Longpark, Babbacombe, Paignton and Brixham until retirement. Then in retirement he continued to produce a few items commercially and in particular made commissioned commemorative pottery for Exhibitions and TPCS events.


West Hallam Scandy West Hallam Motto

FORSTER & HUNT of Honiton produced art pottery mostly with a green or blue grounds. They also made Torquay style motto wares decorated with Scandy or Daisy designs as well as sail boats and cottages. These were decorated in a similar way to items produced by Hart and Moist of Exeter and the Plymouth (Gas Fired) Pottery, making identification difficult for unmarked items.

With our thanks to Chilcott’s Auctioneers of Honiton for the six fine photographs with a blue background

CUMNOCK POTTERY based in Ayrshire produced pots easily confused with the Aller Vale Y1 pattern, which was also used by Watcombe pottery. To be amended.


PREMIER POTTERIES PRESTON, Melbourne, Australia. Our thanks to Peter Watson for info on this interesting pottery. Using white clay, some bases were painted brown to imitate Torquay clay. Bases marked PPP.

Premier Potteries Cottageware Premier Potteries Cottageware Motto Premier Potteries Cottageware
Premier Potteries Cottageware Premier Potteries Cottageware


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Manor Ware Teapot, plaster body

Unidentified pots sold as Torquay Pottery